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After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Gold & Silver smithing at Griffith University, I established a new business called Kalouha Jewellery in 2001. During this time I completed my apprenticeship in Brisbane, QLD.

I studied for a Diploma in Gemmology from The Gemmological Association of Australia. Since this time I have met and married my husband Paul, whom I met through the jewellery industry. As he has had 25 years experience in London & Brisbane, and has worked with a lot of top-name jewellery companies such as Rolex & Cartier, I thought he could put his skills to good work as well as getting cheap labour [gotta make him work for his living :)].

We source all our jewellery materials in Australia, as Australian products are far superior in quality to the main bulk of cheaper jewellery related imports. We accommodate any metal e.g. platinum 18ct and 9ct as no job is less important than another creation.

As custom jewellery is very personal, we work closley with the client to suit their individual taste. Whether it be for an engagement, anniversary, wedding, birthday or “just-because,” we always like to see you smiling.

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